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iSchoolTravel is a set of tools that measures and communicates to-and-from school travel impacts to students, active travel campaign participants and sponsors. Help students understand the positive impacts of active travel, maximize the educational value of related in-classroom material, measure the success of your active travel or school travel planning programs, or thrill your sponsors with the quantifiable results provided by the iSchoolTravel tools.

What is iSchoolTravel?

 iSchoolTravel is a pair of unique tools.

  • For students, iSchoolTravel is a web and iPad calculator that determines distances and impacts from to and from school travel.  It is an educational tool that is free to use and works for students everywhere.
  • DYKFor teachers and school administrators, iSchoolTravel is a data collection tool that captures quantifiable student travel distances and impact data for use in classroom education programs or evaluating the success of school participation in Active School Travel programs.
  • Contact us for more information or a 30 day free trial.

What does iSchoolTravel do?  

For students, the iSchoolTravel calculator :

  • calculates distances travelled to and from school by walking, biking, bus and private vehicle.
  • determines the amount of calories burned walking and biking, the cost of fuel for private auto use and GHG emissions.
  • allows students to set active travel goals and explores the positive impacts of their goals.
  • allows students to provides input via survey questions as to their situational barriers to active travel options.

For teachers and school administrators, the iSchoolTravel results reporting tool provides:

  • a summary of student’s current travel modes, distances and impacts data.
  • a summary of student’s goals for travel modes, distances and impacts data.
  • travel survey responses.
  • comparison with same classroom or school over two time periods or classroom to classroom or school to school comparisons, for current, goal or difference results.
  • travel distance demographic data.
  • Contact us for a 30 day free trial.

Why would I use iSchoolTravel in my school?

With the use of Classroom Codes iSchoolTravel provides real time, quantitative classroom or school-wide travel data that can be used to:

  • support classroom learning experiences
  • measure of the success of Active Transportation or School Travel Planning initiatives
  • information to support investments such as secure bike rakes or improved side walks
  • provide funders or sponsors with measurable results

How does iSchoolTravel work?

Students can use the calculator stand alone at any time at no cost. No registration requirements, just use it.
Teachers or program administrators can pre-configure the calculator specifically for their school and access classroom travel data and survey responses, and access detailed and summary travel impacts data for their school or classroom.

Where does iSchoolTravel work?

The calculator and configuration and reporting tools can be used by any school anywhere in the world, as long as Google Maps can find your school.  The calculator can be user configured for either imperial or metric, and the price of fuel for fuel cost calculation purposes can adjusted as required.  Currently the calculator show gasoline cost in a dollar denomination. That works fine for all countries that use a $ for cost display.  Depending on demand we will provide calculators that display in Euros, Pounds, or other currencies.  Please contact us if you have an interest.

What is a Classroom Code?

A Classroom Code gives the teacher or program administrator access to preconfigure the calculator and access classroom data. A Classroom Code is 10 digit number that when entered into the stand alone calculator by the student user, configures the calculators to school specific criteria and allows students to post their calculated results to a teacher accessible database for classroom level results data review. Multiple classroom codes can be purchased for school wide use.

Is there a cost to use iSchoolTravel ?

Yes and no.  Anyone can access and use the iSchoolTravel calculator for free.  Many teachers use the calculator in their classroom this way.  As long as you know your schools address and your students know their home address than you are ready to go.  Each student can determine their travel impacts, manually record their impacts and use them in classroom exercises.

To get the maximum value from the use of the iSchoolTravel calculator a teacher or school administrator can configure the calculator specific to their school of classroom, plus access the data the your students have uploaded. We do charge a small annual fee for this functionality. As we are a non-profit and only funded for delivery of services in British Columbia, Canada, we need to cover the costs of making the full iSchoolTravel functionality available to all outside of British Columbia.

Who developed and manages iSchoolTravel?

iSchoolTravel has been developed in a partnership between the non-profit organization  Hub for Active School Travel (HASTe) and the software tool developer Passion for Action. Configuration tool subscription fees cover the development and administrative costs of the tool and help fund HASTe programs.